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About Brian Sanders

The creative process behind my work is driven by imagination as I explore and then re-create what I ‘saw’ in the viewfinder. Final images often combine both literal and figurative elements. I have been credited with possessing a ‘photographer’s eye’; I leave you to decide whether you agree with that view.

I hope that my images carry with them something of the feelings/moods/thoughts that were ‘present’ when I took them and/or when I processed them. That said, I hope, too, that the ideas and narratives in the final images offer scope for the viewer’s exploration and interpretation.

The titles I give to the images may, perhaps, provide a clue as to my inspiration, but your reaction may be something quite different. And that is fine!

I hope you will find something on the site to enjoy.


Prints of the pictures are available. I use the professional expertise of the company theprintspace to do all of the printing.

The price of an original size print (usually 6x4 or 7x5) is £10.

Prices and further details about enlargements for wall display are available on request. Please email enquiries and requests.


If you have a moment, it would be good to receive some feedback. Please feel free to email your thoughts.
Acknowledgement – I am very grateful to Olivia Howarth, who designed, built and maintains this site for me.
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