About Brian Sanders

An imaginative response to what I see and feel, not unduly hindered by a quest for technical perfection, is my preferred method of working. The titles I give to the images may, perhaps, provide a clue as to my inspiration, but your reaction may be something quite different. And that is fine!

Not surprisingly, the turmoil of the recent months has had, and continues to have, an impact upon both my subject choices and my interpretation of them.

Thank you for your visit. I hope you find something to engage your interest.

Buying Prints

Copies of prints are available for purchase directly from me, either in the original size or as enlargements. I have the printing done professionally by a company called theprintspace. Please email enquiries and requests.


If you have a moment, it would be good to receive some feedback. Please feel free to email your thoughts.

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Acknowledgement – I am very grateful to Olivia Howarth, who designed, built and maintains this site for me.